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  • .com $12.99
  • .net $13.99
  • .org $13.99
  • .online $45


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TLD Min Period Registration
.com 1 year $12.99 Register
.net 1 year $13.99 Register
.org 1 year $13.99 Register
.online 1 year $45 Register

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  • Pricing is valid for Domain Registrations, Domain Transfers and Domain Renewals.
  • All prices are in US dollars and its the complete fee to register a domain name. There are no hidden fees to any party.
  • The price includes registration in the corresponding registry & Domain Control panel.

Contact Privacy

Contact Privacy hides the identity of a Registrant when a user does a WHOIS lookup on that Registrant’s domain. The benefit of having Contact Privacy is that the Registrant’s identity, including home address, phone number, and email address, is shielded from spammers, identity thieves and scammers.