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  • .com $12.99
  • .net $13.99
  • .org $13.99
  • .online $45

Combo Plans Term & Conditions

Combo Plans Term & Conditions

Save More

Go online without burning a hole in your pocket


Blazing Fast Hosting

Hosting infrastructure that delivers both scale & speed


Free cPanel

The first choice in hosting management


Easy Installation

1-Click Installation for 400+ popular apps


Go online instantly

Build your website in minutes


24x7 Security

Uninterrupted network security with SSL certificates


TrustLogo site seal

Gain customer trust with a secure site seal


360o synchronisation

Sync your email using POP3 / IMAP


5 GB email storage

Mailboxes of 5GB on Business Email


Elegant Designs

Choose from 175+ professional templates & themes


Product FAQs

What are Combo Plans?


Combo Plans are a combination of Domain names, Single Domain Hosting, Website Builder and Business Email orders packaged together to offer huge discounts and help you drive your business.


Can I transfer a domain and use it in a web hosting package deal?


We're sorry but you cannot transfer a domain name and use it in a web hosting package deal. A web hosting deal can be purchased only with a new domain registration order.


Can I choose any other product other than what is included in the Combo Plans?


We're sorry, but you cannot choose any other product or TLD other than what is already available within the Combo Plans.


How do I renew web hosting package deal orders?


You can renew the orders included in the Combo Plans independently. Renewals will be billed at regular prices for each individual order in a web hosting package deal.


Is there a Money-Back Guarantee for Combo Plans?


We are currently not offering a money-back guarantee for orders in Combo Plans.


Can I upgrade orders in a web hosting package deal?


You cannot switch from one web hosting package deal to another. However, orders included in a web hosting package deal can be upgraded individually. The upgrade or downgrade will not include a pro-rata credit.


Can I create my own custom Combo Plans?


Currently, you cannot create custom Combo Plans.

Where can I manage prices for Product Combo Plans ?


You can manage prices for Combo Plans on your Control Panel.


Can I transfer a domain and use it in a bundle?


Unfortunately, you cannot transfer a domain name and use it in a packaged offer. These discounted prices are only applicable on new registrations


Can I choose any other TLD than what is available in the bundle?


Unfortunately, you cannot choose any other TLD other than what is already available within the Combo Plans .


What is the type of email available with Hosting Starter Combo and Hosting Advanced Combo?


cPanel email will be available to you with unlimited storage and a number of accounts with Hosting Starter and Hosting Advanced Combo Plans. The Website Combo and E-mail Combos will have E-mail powered by OX

Backup Policy

all backups of the data on your hosting packages rests with you. We strongly recommend that you take periodic backups and store them at your end so that you have multiple options in case of necessity for a restore. You may request us for a backup of the last 7 days (from the date of request) and in most cases we will be able to provision this from our disaster recovery backups. However, this is not a part of our core hosting services and is merely a last resort. We will try our best to help you out but backups provisioning and restoration is an extremely time and resource intensive process and hence we can only promise a best effort service in this regard. We strongly recommended that you make use of CodeGuard for reliable and cheap offsite back ups